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I have been getting my hair done by Staci for about 10 years now. The quality of service and products are unbeatable. Staci is a very skilled stylist who is personable and talkative, making it an enjoyable experience! Highly recommend

–Jennifer M.


I needed a change like a penny needs a wishing well! I had scouted awesome hairstyles in the trendiest places in OKC for weeks when I saw her! A gorgeous pink-haired woman with a glorious cut! Embarrassing everyone in my party, I ran up to her and begged her for the name of her stylist! And that's how I met Staci! And got the most awesome hair of my life! I am forever indebted! And hot!!! Thank you, Staci!!!


“I want to thank you (Staci) for a great haircut/color, but most of all for making me feel like I am the most important client you have. I thought of this on the drive home from your salon, and I thought of how I can translate this beautiful behavior into my classroom. Tomorrow, no matter what, when a child comes to me and needs assistance, I will try my best to make them feel like they are the important part of my day. Thank you dear, dear friend. Life is full of learning experiences, and I learned a valuable lesson today!”

–Lisa B.

“Staci is the best and most awesome hair designer ever! Thanks for my great doo!”

–Chris C.

“I always enjoy my time with Staci. Great hair and great visits!”

–Tatum C.